The Best Taco Trucks in Los Angeles: A Culinary Tour

Los Angeles is a city known for its diverse and vibrant food scene, and one of the most iconic culinary experiences in the city is indulging in the delicious offerings from its numerous taco trucks. From savory carne asada to mouthwatering al pastor, the taco trucks in Los Angeles offer an array of flavors that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of any food enthusiast. Join us on a culinary tour as we explore some of the best taco trucks that Los Angeles has to offer.

Tacos El Venado

Tacos El Venado, located in the heart of East LA, is a hidden gem that serves up some of the most authentic and flavorful tacos in the city. Their succulent carnitas, tender barbacoa, and zesty salsa verde are a testament to the rich culinary heritage of the region. The vibrant atmosphere and friendly service add to the overall experience, making it a must-visit for any taco aficionado.

With generous portions and affordable prices, Tacos El Venado has garnered a loyal following of locals and visitors alike. Whether you’re craving a traditional carne asada taco or a tantalizing fish taco, this beloved taco truck is sure to satisfy your cravings for genuine Mexican street food.


Guisados has earned a reputation as a top destination for exquisite stewed tacos that showcase the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine. With a focus on slow-cooked meats and handmade tortillas, this acclaimed taco truck offers a diverse selection of tantalizing options, including the signature cochinita pibil and the delectable chicharrón. Each taco is a culinary masterpiece, bursting with robust flavors and textures that are a testament to the skill and dedication of the chefs.

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Boyle Heights, Guisados provides a welcoming and lively ambiance that complements the sensory delight of its culinary creations. Whether you’re a devoted fan of classic tacos or eager to explore innovative flavor combinations, Guisados promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey through the heart of Los Angeles.

Leo’s Taco Truck

When it comes to al pastor tacos, Leo’s Taco Truck stands out as a beacon of excellence in Los Angeles. Nestled in the bustling streets of Mid-City, this iconic taco truck is renowned for its mouthwatering al pastor, which is expertly carved from a rotating spit and served with fresh pineapple, cilantro, and onions. The result is a symphony of flavors that captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression on every discerning palate.

Aside from its legendary al pastor, Leo’s Taco Truck also offers an array of other delectable options, such as tender carne asada and savory cabeza. The vibrant energy and festive ambiance surrounding the truck create an inviting atmosphere for patrons to savor these delectable treats, making it a cherished culinary landmark in the city.

Mexicali Taco & Co.

For a taste of Baja California-inspired delights, Mexicali Taco & Co. delivers an extraordinary culinary experience that celebrates the fusion of Mexican and Californian flavors. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Chinatown, this esteemed taco truck offers an array of tantalizing options, including the renowned vampiro taco and the flavorful cachetada. Each creation is a testament to the culinary expertise and passion of the chefs, resulting in an explosion of harmonious flavors with every bite.

With its welcoming outdoor seating and lively ambiance, Mexicali Taco & Co. provides the perfect setting to savor its delectable offerings while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Los Angeles. Whether you’re a devoted fan of traditional Mexican cuisine or a culinary explorer in search of innovative flavor combinations, this beloved taco truck is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Los Angeles and discover the unparalleled flavors of its iconic taco trucks. From the rich heritage of Tacos El Venado to the innovative creations of Mexicali Taco & Co., each destination offers a unique and unforgettable experience that embodies the culinary diversity of the city. Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a visitor eager to explore the culinary delights of Los Angeles, the taco trucks mentioned in this tour are sure to leave a lasting impression and create cherished memories of exceptional street food.